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Online Education

Staying on top of advancements in your profession is critical to the future of your career and the facilities you manage. IFMA provides you with relevant resources and endless opportunities to Learn, Connect and Advance professionally. Online courses, webinars, webcasts, On Demand recordings and white papers are at your fingertips 24/7 through IFMA's Online Education. All you need is a computer, speakers and an Internet connection to access cutting-edge information from the foremost subject matter experts in FM, and obtain valuable CEU and CFM maintenance points. Get started!

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Online Courses Now Available!
Aligning FM Strategy With the Enterprise (OD)
The importance of aligning FM operations with corporate strategies and goals has never been more important than it is today. Misalignment forces FM into a reactive role and diminishes our ability to be a positive contributor.
Chart a New Course: Scenario Planning and Portfolio Management (OD)
Given the challenging economic state, the fact that there has been a major shift in the way we use and view the workplace is like navigating through unchartered waters.
Emergency Preparedness and Staying Miles Ahead of Disasters (OD)
According to the results of an International Facility Management Association emergency preparedness survey, 88 percent of facility professionals consider their workplaces better prepared for an emergency or disaster situation than they did in 2001; while fewer than two percent say they are less prepared. Additionally, 91 percent report having emergency evacuation procedures in place, while 80 percent say their organization has a crisis communication and disaster recovery plan.
Facility managers must be prepared for any type of emergency or disaster. In this presentation, Anthony Pizzitola defines emergency preparedness and addresses how facility managers should plan for High-Impact Low-Probability (HILP) events. Find out how to avoid emergencies by identifying potential manmade, natural and technological threats.

About the Speaker:

Anthony Pizzitola, CFM 
Goode Company Restaurants

Anthony Pizzitola is a Facilities Professional with Goode Company restaurants and Commissary in Houston, Texas. A 19 year veteran of Yum! Brands he was one of the first on the ground after Katrina performing facility assessments and to determine if preparatory measures salvaged structures in the storm’s destructive path. His enhanced preparations for Hurricanes Gustav and Ike saved numerous structures which opened within 2 hours of regaining power. An MBA, he is the only professional to hold a CFM with the International Facility Management Association, a Certified Business Continuity Professional through the Disaster Recovery Institute International and a certified professional with the Business Continuity Institute in the UK. He is an award winning author who has published 27 articles internationally.

Communication Course (OC)
You convey a certain image of yourself every time you express yourself-whether it's through the written or spoken word. The type of image you convey not only influences how people think of you, it also influences what they do for you, and in today's collaborative work environment you must work through others and with others to accomplish almost anything.
Facility Management: A Practical Introduction (OC)
This course provides an informational overview of the roles, responsibilities and core competencies that make up the facility management profession. In addition to in-depth...
Human and Environmental Factors Course (OC)
Facilities contribute to organizational performance and the quality of work life of employees. This means facilities affect the health, safety, performance, comfort, satisfaction, and morale of individual employees and the organization as a whole.
Quality Assessment and Innovation Course (OC)
You are responsible for the biggest asset on the company's balance sheet and the second biggest cost element on the income statement. People depend on you for comfort, cost-reduction, image and efficient workflow.
Real Estate Course (OC)
Facility managers have found themselves in the center of a new organizational function-managing the company's real estate as an asset. As a facility manager, you will be called upon to provide real estate expertise whenever your company considers relocating, adding space or disposing of a property.
Technology Course (OC)
Facility managers are playing an increasingly pivotal role in the development, implementation and maintenance of Information Technology (IT) systems, which are a critical part of the organization's infrastructure supporting business strategies.

Facility managers must understand technologies that support all aspects of facility operations, real estate and employee requirements. These may include, but are not limited to: CAD, CAFM, project management, asset management, cost analysis and other hardware and software systems.

In addition, facility managers are increasingly challenged to establish and maintain the infrastructure and technology required to support their organizations' business goals. These may include, but are not limited to: hardware and software supporting voice, information, data and media operating systems. The facility manager must know with whom and how best to interact to successfully meet the organizational goals. This competency is influenced by (and influences) every other competency area. It addresses how the facility manager selects, acquires, implements, maintains, redeploys and disposes of technologies used within the work environment.

Outline of Course
  • Introduction to FM Technology and Strategic Planning
  • Evaluation and Selection of Technology
  • Implementation and Administration of FM Technology
  • Application and Integration
  • Technology Course Assessment
  • Course Evaluation